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Wizard101 – Is it worth playing?

Wizard101 Review
Do you like cartoonish graphics? Do you like magic spells? Would you like to have a magical duel with fascinating animations? Then Wizard101 is your game of choice.

Wizard101 is a free-to-play school adventure MMORPG, that features collectible cards and magic spells, pets, and duels.

As you start the game, you become a student of the Ravenwood School of magic to start your journey in order to become the best wizard of the world. The game is genuinely made for kids (but not only for kids) so gamers who had an experience with Disney’s Toontown, will see familiar things, like the cute and colorful graphics, the name generator, and the family-friendly chat system.

Wizard 101

Graphics of Wizard101

Yes, it might look outdated at first glance, but it has much more in it, especially the animations.

The world and the characters are made in classic cartoon-style. The headmaster of the school looks like Merlin. He has an owl as a pet who guides you through your journey with stories and wise advices. There are other teachers in the school, who also have their own funny and unique design.

In my opinion, the game has a color scheme and style, which is good for the eyes, it’s not too bright, not too colorful, but still looks cheerful. Some gamers say western MMORPGs usually do not excel in the art department, but Wizard101’s graphics are still great (this game was released in 2008!), and it ages well due to its cartoon-style.

When you go into battle, your summoned monsters have an astonishing animation. Minotaurs striking with the axe, treants throwing rock-like in Lord of the Rings, vampires emerging from their coffins before they rip through your enemies. They have a fantastic way of presenting.

The HUD is simple and self-explanatory. It has nice colors and easy-to-use. You have a red crystal for your health and a blue crystal for your magic energy called Mana here. You can easily reach your items and spells on the menu. The game would like to encourage the players to socialize with each other so you can find a way to communicate easily.

Wizard101 Gameplay

Gameplay of Wizard101

After you give your character a name and look, you immediately enter tutorial mode. Here the Headmaster and his owl guide you through a little story.

Wizard101’s true strength lies in combat mechanics and the spell animations. You fight monsters with magic spells represented by cards. Once you enter a magic field with the enemies or players you have to duel them immediately. You can spread your deck by learning new spells as you progress. There are primary and secondary schools of magic, and the whole system is built around unique elements of nature and death.

You can get pets who are cool and fashionable accessories. They support you and they are waiting in your room. You can buy a castle later in the game, which is a safe place for you and your friends too. You can acquire mounts (like owls too!) to make it easier to run in the world of Spiral. After you’ve built up your character, you can browse through thousands of stuff in the shopping mall. You can find literally everything you can imagine – Wizard101 a game with big diversity.


We recommend Wizard101 for everyone regardless of age – it has a unique charm that will amaze you. Wizard101 has a casual mood which makes you want to progress to get more of the mood. Even if it’s an old game in its genre, it’s never too late to try – it is worth for the unique experience.

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