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Mad World CBT has ended successfully
22 September 2022
Jandisoft Inc. (CEO Yun Semin) unveiled on September 22nd that CBT for its home project MMORPG ‘Mad World:...
A New Difficulty Mode Available on Steelrising in This Month
22 September 2022
Spiders and NACON are pleased to announce that the New Game Plus mode will be available for Steelrising...
Genshin Impact: Cyno's character teaser has been revealed
22 September 2022
Cyno is an upcoming Electro character in Genshin Impact. He represents Sumeru in Teyvat Chapter Storyline...
ThumbAge starts global pre-registration of the multi-platform MMORPG 'Dekaron G'
22 September 2022
Simultaneous pre-registration all over the world including Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Provide...
Beware of the “Dangers from Otherworld” in Aura Kingdom
22 September 2022
Gamigo is asking the players of anime MMO Aura Kingdom to form a team as they enter the Swamp of Candeo...
Gundam Evolution is now available on PC
21 September 2022
Free-to-play Team-centric Hero Shooter Based on the Beloved Mecha Franchise Releases on PC Today.


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