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Path of Titans

Path of Titans closed beta is launching this summer

This summer Alderon invites players to experience dinosaur life in Path of Titans, a fully cross-platform massively multiplayer survival game. Take on the role of a dinosaur, evolving from egg to adult in a rich ecosystem filled with 30+ dino species, AI creatures, and up to 200 other human players.

Horror Tycoon

Horror Tycoon: Playtest are now available on Steam

Gameparic released Horror Tycoon: Playtest! Your task in the game is to scare, terrify and thrill guests.. As it is a hybrid of tycoon and tower defense, your craziest ideas make come true and get on a higher level. Please remember that this is part of our game that will be released in the future.

Goat Simulator

Is Goat Simulator worth getting?

This game is one big parody of gaming culture. It was intended to be a spoof, but it became a cultural phenomenon since then. Some gamers praised it for its originality, some gamers hated it for its stupidity.

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