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Ember Knights Review

Major update for Ember Knights is available now

Asmodee Digital and Doom Turtle have announced today that a new update is available for Ember Knights. Called the “Rise of Praxis”, this major update will enhance the rogue-lite adventure: for the first time Praxis will face the players and bring an elevated challenge to the runs by spawning and buffing enemies.

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Vindictus Summer event

Vindictus kicks off the summer with new raid episode and events

Fans of Vindictus can now spend their summer taking on its newest raid, “Season 4, Episode 5 Extra Raid: Cavern of Enmity,” challenging ancient warrior Casar. Players can also now participate in two events: “Last Chance Check-In!” and “No Limit Rentals” to earn items, special rewards, weapons and armor sets.

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Elvenar Lucky Little Fin Event

Dive Into a Sea of Rewards with Elvenar

The most anticipated sporting event in Elvenar is back with new experiences and with challenges never seen before. Rufus, the biggest fan of the Elvarian Games, is inviting players to meet again and enjoy the water competition together. The Lucky Little Fin will be available in the game between June 21 and July 13.

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World of Warships update

World of Warships PC celebrates Summer with a boatload of new content

Wargaming is launching its latest content update for World of Warships, featuring a brand new map of the Faroe Islands, a return of Convoy battle type and the third instalment of the TRANSFORMERS Brand collaboration. In addition to all this new content, Update 0.11.5 like the ones before, will bring visual improvements, with an update to US destroyer models.

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Broken Ranks

Broken Ranks update introduces trading system

Whitemoon Games is implementing another update from its roadmap. It’ll include the Marketplace (a feature allowing players to buy and sell items), a new sidequest, and many minor improvements and fixes. The update will go live in the evening on June 16th.

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