Sandwalkers: The Fourteenth Caravan – A new touch of a fun turn-based exploration RPG

Sandwalkers: The Fourteenth Caravan
Sandwalkers: The Fourteenth Caravan is an upcoming roguelike turn-based exploration game that will be a prologue of the main game Sandwalkers. The game will be released on Steam in the 3rd quarter of 2022. It will resemble some classic turn-based strategy games mixed with RPG elements.

About Sandwalkers: The Fourteenth Caravan

The graphics are colorful and cartoon-like which became a tradition and hype nowadays because it resembles smartphone games from Google Playstore. The Fourteenth Caravan has everything that this kind of game has. Hex-sized game map, battle in a field face-to-face, inventory, and other menüs to configure your gameplay. The rogue battle system is 4 vs 4 so you have to make a team of characters. The landscape is diverse and changes every time you complete an area of land.

In The Fourteenth Caravan, you play as a commander to lead a group of people, combat, and trade with other neighboring tribes. You can discover the secret of your ancestors which will create hope of ending an era someday in the world of Uwando (where the game takes place). You convos good to neighboring tribes, build relationships, and battle with hostile creatures that roam around your land. As you progress, more and more memories will be unlocked to aid you in your journey of collecting memories. Be careful, because you can be hit by dangerous storms of any kind and your characters can even die of dehydration because of the heat waves. You can find your path in the morality system of the game. You can help refugees to become your allies and support the environment to stop weather hazards to make the life of your caravan prosperous and healthy.

Sandwalkers reveal trailer

This promotional piece of the Sandwalkers introduces you to a world that you can customize and you get the content in a shape of an amazing turn-based adventure game. The graphics and gameplay are unique so it can be a great introduction for newcomers to the turn-based RPG genre.

For more information, visit Sandwalker’s Steam page!


Hibiki Shingo

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