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Crossfire: Legion – New Battle Units and New Commanders were To The Early Access Launch

Crossfire: Legion
The upcoming fast paced action packed Real Time Strategy launching in Early Access on May 24 is giving players even more choice of strategic play and potential battleground dominance with the addition of a massive 24 units and 3 unique commanders to the battle roster, amounting to a grand total of 45 units and 6 Commanders!

Crossfire: Legion New Units

From unique infantry and agile vehicles, defense specialists, transport units, air support and more – these further units bolster any side and provide even more depth and variety to ultimately deliver unique battle combinations.

Completing the substantial unit increase are 3 brand new faction commanders – Eclipse (Global Risk), Freefall (Black List) and Viper (New Horizon) – each bringing their own unique flavor to the battleground and set of skills that can make all the difference in a fight!

Press release, Prime Matter
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