MU Online’s news update adds two new characters and Speed Server events

MU Online Season 17
WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, has released the latest update Season 17 Part 1 for its classic PC MMORPG MU Online.

MU Online is the long-running PC MMORPG that was developed by Webzen in 2001. Following up on countless content updates for many years, Season 17 Part 1 welcomes two new characters – White Wizard: Kundun Mephis and Mage: Lemuria – for the first time in Global MU Online history alongside the new season of the Speed Server.

They are doppelganger-themed characters of Kundun and Lemuria from the background story of MU Online. Kundun Mephis utilizes the opposite element as that of the Dark Wizard, using Staves and Magic Books as weapons and holy magic skills using Light Energy.

Lemuria uses an Orb as the main weapon and magic skills in the form of spheres, and these two characters are only available to play in the Speed Server.

In addition to new characters, MU Online’s latest update brings a new season of the Speed Server event. In the Speed Server, players can not only take the fast track to reaching level 700 but also participate in special events and receive benefits.

Upon reaching level 700, players can receive +11 3rd Wings & 100,000 Ruud along with free character transfer support to their original server.

Especially, players who play with the new White Wizard or Mage character will earn Gold Channel Tickets and extra rewards in the Speed Server.

Additionally, level-up rewards, purchase bonuses, transfer bonus rewards, and special in-game giveaways will be ready for all players playing in the Speed Server.

The Speed Server Ranking Event will also give out Divine Archangel Weapon, Pink Panda Ring and Rudd for the Top 50 ranked players. The Speed Server event starts today and only lasts until August 16.

Aside from these events, the Speed UP Package and time-limited offers are also waiting for players.

For more of MU Online’s Season 17 Part 1 Update, visit the official website: and join the official Facebook community at:

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