Bitcraft: Build your own world from the grass to the house!

BitCraft is an upcoming MMORPG developed by Clockwork Labs. Its release is to be announced. The game reached the pre-alpha stage, and some players will be able to try the game capabilities if they join the developer's Discord server.

About Bitcraft

Bitcraft has a beautiful, smooth, and captivating feeling of its world. You can visit mass meadows, forests, plains, and the sea. You can forget the static design of a traditional MMORPG. Here you can build with other players, which kinda reminds us of Minecraft, but with a completely different gameplay and graphics.

In this game, the sentient beings of the world work together to build a new civilization in a single, editable wilderness with an ancient past. The gameplay prioritizes skill hunting, building, farming crops, crafting items, trading goods, and exploring the huge world, empowering players to cultivate a sheltered village with their friends or establish impressive cities and empires. It is open-world, but all players can work in the same diverse environment. You are not forced to have a fixed occupation with skills, you are free to progress developing those abilities you like for your pc.

Bitcraft trailer

In addition to practicing crafting, building, farming, and many other skills, players can also become active in their society and contribute to the growth of infrastructure, cities, and empires.

You can visit other towns to meet other players and NPCs, which are there to trade or to improve your knowledge of Bitcraft. You can find wildlife, hunt animals, and fish aquatic creatures for your own good.

This game is recommended for everyone who likes good sandbox creativity. The developers seem to be open-minded, and they are active in Bitcraft’s community. Feel free to join their Discord server for more information.


Hibiki Shingo

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