Stella Fantasy: Let’s rumble with cute anime characters!

Stella Fantasy
Stella Fantasy is an upcoming anime action RPG developed by Ring Games Inc., which will be released on 8th August 2022 on PC. Stella Fantasy will be a blockchain-based game with a play-to-earn model.

The world of Verania is affected by mystical energies which open magic portals called Abyss rifts.

In Stella Fantasy players will explore the world of Verania, while taking on challenges and banding together with other players to battle monsters and collect new characters. There are 12 anime-inspired characters to choose from at your party. Each has its unique look, voice, and fighting style so you can find the one that fits you. You can meet Lapis, the princess who is a battle mage, Ruby who is a swordswoman with the biggest sword imaginable, and Linette who is searching for a cure for her sick sister. This game will be highly story-based with chapters to complete. There will be crafting, hunting, farming, and the possibility to create your own home. Between two fights, you can rest there.

It is highly recommended for everyone who loves anime RPGs and it especially needs to be checked out by Genshin Impact fans. The anime graphics looks fascinating enough to rival Genshin Impact and looks like it was highly inspired by that game. It is astonishing to look at how characters of different designs clash with each other.

Stella Fantasy is a Premium Character Collectible NFT RPG, with play-to-earn feature. For more information, visit the official website!

Stella Fantasy gameplay trailer


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