The Wildlife Event Brings New Rewards in Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires Wildlife event 2022
The summer is here, along with a new chance for Forge of Empires players to hop on an exciting new adventure! The Wildlife Park opens again for curious travelers and it’s full of surprises.

Players can trek through plains and forests, see the beauty of animals thriving in their natural habitat and if they keep an eagle eye, they might even discover a pattern in the Pawprints left behind. And for everyone willing to track these and discover all the secret locations, there are quite some rewards in store! The Wildlife Event runs from July 4 to July 17.

Players will be able to join Diane, a biologist at the Wildlife Park, through 30 rush quests and 14 daily quests throughout the event. Resolving these and collecting incidents around the city will grant Entrance Tickets and Wildlife Coins. To start a game level in the event window, players will need Entrance Tickets, which will also replenish over time to a maximum of four.

Forge of Empires Wildlife Event basics

In each game, there are only 25 moves available to collect as many Pawprints and Chests as possible. In order to collect Pawprints, players must bring them to the bottom of the board, by popping the other blocks.

Players can only pop blocks that have at least two of the same color next to each other, but they should be on the lookout for five blocks of the same color, as this creates a Level 1 Chest. The more blocks of the same color are combined, the higher the level of the Chest and thus the chance to get the Daily Special.

Those who can collect 20 Pawprints will receive a Main Prize, including upgrade kits for this year’s main building: The Animal Crossing. To solve those puzzling situations in the game, players will have three special items at their disposal: the hammer – for removing a single block, the windmill – for turning the four surrounding blocks into the same color and the lightning – for removing all the blocks of the selected color from the board. More of these items can be bought with Wildlife Coins.

This year’s event also introduces a League Table, where players can compete against other players! The more tiles are being popped with one click, the more points one gets and the higher they can move up, in order to win additional rewards at the end of the event.

The Main Prize in this year’s Wildlife Event is a brand-new building, which can bring nature back to the players’ cities – The Animal Crossing. The building has 9 levels and can add extra Population, Happiness, Medals, Coins, Forge Points to players’ cities, as well as up to 22% Attack Boost to support their armies. In addition to this, players can also earn the new Insect Hotel, a 2×3 special production building which can provide Supplies, Coins, Medals, Forge Points or 13 Random Goods. This is also obtainable with the purchase of an Event Pass.

Wanna try this event? Play Forge of Empires for free now!

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