New summer event in Neverwinter

If you play Neverwinter, you know that you always get surprise events. Starting on June 30th, players will honor Lliira, the Goddess of Joy, freedom, and liberty by completing daily quests and setting off fireworks in the Protector's enclave.

As you progress in your daily quest, you will get fireworks by slaying monsters which you can set off and enjoy the fantastic show, or you can exchange them for a pet or mount.

However, there are a lot more options for you to enjoy these 8 days of celebration. The Lliira’s Celebration daily quest will be available in the game’s system and will award 30 Favors. Players will now be asked to collect crates around PE-style.

Unlike the previously limited time window, Professional Fireworks can now be turned in at any time except during the fireworks show that occurs every 30 minutes. Players will get immediate favor from turning in the fireworks. The cosmic pig pet resembles the starry night sky. You can also wear the cosmic captain set which makes you look like a Pirate of the Caribbean or you can feel like a star with the star-shaped mask. There are also special items obtainable for this event, mostly buffs.

Prepare for this nice summer event in the game!

The fireworks will start on Thursday, June 30 at 7:30am PT.
The fireworks will end on Thursday, July 7 at 7:30am PT.

For more information, visit Neverwinter’s official website!


Hibiki Shingo

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