NEXON announces new Team-Based Tactical Action Game: Veiled Experts

Veiled Experts
NEXON is proud to announce VEILED EXPERTS as the official name for its new PC online game (previously referenced as ‘Project D’). Developed by NEXON Korea’s subsidiary game studio, NEXON Games, Veiled Experts is a third-person tactical game in which nine unique agents fight cooperatively 5 v 5 in ever-changing battle environments.

Based on a detonation mission where you place or defuse bombs at target areas, Veiled Experts includes enhanced strategic elements, specialized tactical items, character-specific skills that change gameplay each play through, and seven rounds of realistic combat action — creating a dynamic field, dramatic mission.

Veiled Experts Global beta trailer

The name “Veiled Experts” originates from the name of the secret organization that plays a significant role in the game’s universe, ‘VX,’ and whose agents are deployed on missions around the world.

Following a successful closed alpha test in Korea, a global open beta test is scheduled to begin on June 9 at 12:01am Pacific Daylight Time via Steam. From May 27 to June 7, interested players can pre-register on Steam by clicking the “Request Access” button on the Veiled Experts Steam game page. Pre-Registered players can enjoy the beta test beginning June 9, while players who do not pre-register can participate in the open beta test starting June 13.

Press release, Nexon


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