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Cantata is out now in Early Access

Indie game publisher Modern Wolf and developer Afterschool Studio have today launched turn-based tactics game Cantata in Early Access on Steam.

From today, Cantata players will be able to dive into the game’s deep story campaign and enjoy the first three chapters in a character-driven narrative centring on three factions: Humans, Machines and Aliens.

Players choose their faction, pick from the nine playable commanding officers, and expand their hold on the planet of Shoal by deploying faction-specific units and unleashing the faction’s unique abilities. Be wary, however, as Shoal itself takes a turn alongside the player, and with its weather, fauna, and secrets, has the ability to fight back…

Cantata Early Access trailer

Take charge using brute force or as a tactical maestro, as you explore and investigate the most effective route to your opponent.

Modern Wolf also kick off their Steam publisher sale this week.

Fans of simulation and strategy titles can enjoy discounts on the following games:

Cantata (20% discount) – turn-based tactics and strategy
Mechajammer (25% discount) – cyberpunk thriller
Rogue State Revolution (50% discount) –  geopolitical roguelike
Kosmokrats (60% discount) – space-based puzzle sim
Ostranauts (20% discount) – space-ship life sim
Necronator: Dead Wrong (60% discount) – deck-building roguelike

Bundles including the games and their original, digital soundtracks, are also available.

The Modern Wolf publisher Steam sale will run from May 12, 2022 at 6PM BST until May 16, 2022 at 6PM BST.

Press release, Neon Hive
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