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Mortal Online 2 – April Saw a Fresh Wave of Improvements and Bug Fixes

With additions and improvements to housing, a bounty and flagging system, campfires, a new drop of legendary weapons, and the ability to command guards and vendors in cities, Mortal Online 2's April patches are now complete!

Star Vault are pleased to announce that their raft of April updates for Mortal Online 2 are now complete as they move into May with necromancy, dungeons and a massive boss on their minds.

Mortal Online 2 official trailer

What was added in April?

  • A password system to access houses – the owner can change the password from the house UI, meaning you’ll never lose your keys again!
  • Added portable Campfires, Crushers, Grinders, and Grizzlies to equipment vendors
  • A bounty flagging system that enables players to pick up a bounty contract for a random player who is a murderer and flags your target red. You can kill the target anywhere (even in town) and turn in the completed contract for a reward
  • A guard command that can be used when targeting a criminal to call one guard that runs towards the criminal and attacks themThe number of items you can store in houses, strongholds and keeps has been increased
  • New house decorations have been added and the number of decorations that can be added to a single house has been increased
  • And much more!

Read the full patch notes HERE!

Press release, Star Vault
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