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Elyon is coming to the West this fall

Elyon, also known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, is an upcoming action-combat MMORPG, and it's finally arriving to the West on September 29th.

The second part of this year seems to be quite busy regarding MMORPG releases. Elyon already had its first closed beta, launching a second test too in mid-August, and then finally releasing the full game on September 29th.

Elyon is an action-combat open world MMORPG, with unique fantasy-steampunk elements, such as airships, vehicles, and even flying mounts.

Gameplay gives a classic MMORPG experience with the usual PVE contents and the holy-trinity party setup (tank, dps, healer), dungeons, open world and arena PVP, and clan wars.

Elyon is promising for sure, anyone who liked Tera Online, will probably love Elyon too, because the two games have the same developer (Krafton), and some elements, such as monsters or gameplay techniques are quite similar.

Buy it once, and play forever – You can pre-order the game right now, the basic package costs 30 euros.

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