Bubsy: Paws on Fire – The new adventures of the fiery bobcat!

Bubsy: Paws on Fire
This one is a 2.5D platform game for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch developed by Choice Provision and published by the famous company of the '90s, Accolade. After the shameful 3D adaptation of Bubsy for the PS1, the gaming world forgot about Bubsy the bobcat for a while. However, your furry friend has returned lately with 2.5 games, and even the classic games were released on Steam. Let's see what Bubsy is about!

Bubsy is a bobcat with an exclamation mark T-shirt on his body which made him unique back then. Now it looks like just a normal animal character, but in the ’90s everyone was fighting to be the mascot of the video game consoles. They decided to go back in a good way in the graphics and style department. It looks like Choice saw and played too many Sonic Generations because this game will remind you of Sonic.  I can’t say this game is very original -it is just a copycat of other platform games, but at least playable and has a unique charm. The main character is really funny and sassy, and the game has charming 3D cutscenes which introduce memorable characters.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire trailer

Gameplay of Bubsy

The gameplay is different from the other previous installments. It has an auto-scroll feature which sometimes means trouble as the screen is moving below your furred feet.

You have infinite lives which is a downfall in the game’s quality. Gamers loved the hard nature of Bubsy games where you had to be careful with Bubsy not to fall into a pit or be bit by an enemy. Lives matter while you roam around in the challenging stages. Bubsy can glide and pounce. You jump, glide and beat up everything in your path, and collecting yarn balls is important. You can play as other characters which increases the replay value. If you wanted a game with a double jumping hamster scientist or laser-blasting alien lifeform, this is your game of choice.

Paws on Fire consists of three different worlds with nine levels each: the Village, Research Lab, and the so-called Amazootorium which is the final boss’s lair. If the player has collected enough victory tokens, they can confront a boss as Bubsy at the end of each world, including Oinker as the final boss. In two of the boss battles, Bubsy has to get in Woolie’s ship to conquer the boss; in that case, he will have the same abilities as the Woolie. The player can also collect different items with each character: Bubsy collects yarn balls, Virgil collects atoms, and Woolie collects golden yarn balls. The items can be used as currency to purchase new costumes for the characters.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire is an average platformer with unique characters and interesting gameplay mechanics with the auto-scroll. It’s recommended for everyone who loves something nostalgic and the platform genre. It is available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/926180/Bubsy_Paws_on_Fire/


Hibiki Shingo

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