Gotham Knights will be released on 25th October 2022

Gotham Knights
Gotham Knights is an upcoming action RPG developed by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The game centers around four heroes from the Batman universe and takes place after the famous Dark Knight's death.

The game mixes the RPG elements with classic DC comics superhero brawling – this one is a new hope for the generation of superhero games.

The graphics and music are riding on this dark tone that Gotham City’s ambient reflects. The Moon is up and sometimes it’s raining as you progress with your hero on the rooftops like good old Batman style. Gotham city is open-world. You are free to go wherever you want to fly at night. The developers previously produced the Batman: Arkham series, so Gotham Knights resemble them in particular but try to be distant from them in a storyline aspect. The four heroes you can play are diverse in design and look. They are all famous characters in the DC universe.

Gotham Knights gameplay demo

The story begins after Bruce Wayne’s death and the city began turning into a lawless wasteland. After the chief of the police, James Gordon dies, the four of Batman’s students and “family” stand together to fight crime. Dick Grayson is the blue hero and he uses the name Nightwing. He is a charismatic and serious character using acrobatics and escrima sticks in his battle. His successor, in the role of Robin, is Tim Drake who is young, but also smart and a master of deductive reasoning. The green and red-colored character is a cautious young man who uses tricks and signature moves from his mentor, Batman. Barbara Gordon comes back to be playable as Batgirl who fights with a tonfa and is good at using computer. Last, but not least Redhood is the fourth hero who can be a little bit confusing because he is not as famous as the other three. Jason Todd was an anti-hero and after he joined the Batman family, he has trained to reach the peak of human strength, and he’s professional in multiple combat techniques with all kinds of weapons—both traditional and hi-tech.

You will fight famous Batman villains, such as Mr. Freeze and the Penguin, but you will find more like the Court of Owl, an organization as old as Gotham City. You will get help from Alfred the butler, and police Captain Renee Montoya, one of the good-natured, honest police officers.

Gotham Knights will be released on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.


Hibiki Shingo

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