Overwatch 2: The famous Multiplayer Hero FPS launches as free-to-play this October!

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 is an upcoming sequel of the hero shooter Overwatch developed and published by Blizzard. The community-based game loved by many players, celebrated its 8th birthday this year.

The community-based game Overwatch, loved by many players, celebrated its 8th birthday this year. The action-packed playground full of FPS elements never seen before, was a joy for many who tried out. Now it returns in a new shape and design with breathtaking graphics, new heroes, and the weapons they bring with them. The overall design has not changed much, but it looks fantastically upgraded. You can easily find a suitable character you want to play. Older ones from the first game took up visual updates, with quality voice acting.

Overwatch 2 release date reveal

Overwatch 2 Gameplay

The gameplay will be recognizable: The heroes are split into two teams and you can select one of the neat-looking and different game-style characters.

The heroes are grouped into damage, support, and tank classes. Damage type increases the team hunting down capabilities and dealing high damage to the opposite team.

Supporters are healing and give an extra boost to teammates, while the Tanks have heavy damage but low defense stats, and they can absorb damage from the teammates until they win a battle on the game field. Each character has a different ability kit with a combination of active and passive skills as well as a unique Ultimate force that can be used after it is charged up through battle. The base Overwatch 2 game, like Overwatch, features primarily player versus player battles across several different modes and maps, and includes both casual and ranked matched play.

The team’s size is increased from four members to five and there will be character type restrictions because of imbalance. This additionally simplified how much action there was to watch for both players and spectators. New maps were thus designed to include more options for cover due to the reduced presence of tank-type heroes. Heroes will have a general reworking within their classes to make the game generally faster.

There will be new game modes as well: a PVE story mission mode and a unique PVP game mode with interesting new mechanics dealing a big amount of adrenalin to the gameplay.

Overwatch was a big success, and now, Overwatch 2 looks even more promising.  This game is the new generation of first-person shooting games and the free-to-play possibility makes it accessible for more gamers without forcing them to pay for entry.

Find out more or join Overwatch 2 Beta on the official website!


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