Kritika Global, the anime-influenced fantasy action MMORPG is now available

Kritika Global
Com2uS Holdings, the global mobile developer and publisher ushering in the future of interactive online entertainment, has launched Kritika Global, an expansive new action MMORPG developed by its subsidiary studio Allm.

Based on the anime-influenced MMO Kritika Online, players will choose from seven distinct character classes which range from the powerful melee-focused Warrior to the ranged assassin Gunmage and explore a vast fantasy world of Kirenos battling against evil forces that plague the lands. Kritika Global is available as a free download for PC on the official website.

Kritika Global features a variety of player customization options that allow individuals to choose and build a powerful character that fits their preferred playstyle. As players earn experience and skill points by progressing through the world, defeating enemies and completing quests they can level up and collect an array of new equipment, weapons, auxiliaries and special gadgets. They will also be able to evolve their character’s core class into a variety of specialty subclasses including:

  • Warrior – Berserker, Fire Blast, Doom Blade 

  • Rogue – Catspaw, Assassin, Wolf Guardian 

  • Gunmage – Warp Mage, Shadow Mage, Frost Mage

  • Scyther – Vamp, Rakshasa

  • Noblia – Creator, Elemental Fairy, Halomage 

  • Monk – Dark Worship, Galactic Disciple, Steam Walker

In Kritika Global, the genius alchemist Alki creates a new energy source called Lapisium, which allows him to control the land of Kirenos. Alki starts cruelly oppressing and persecuting civilians who stand against him, as the people of Kirenos eagerly long for a hero who will punish Alki and bring peace to the land. Players must defeat evil forces and overthrow Alki’s dictatorship in order to liberate its civilians from evil tyranny.

As a live service experience, Kritika Global will be expanding cooperative and player vs player gameplay in the coming weeks and months.

Siege Wars – Available on June 29, players can participate in Siege Wars, where they must occupy 10 castles. Players can earn bigger rewards as the level and difficulty increases. The guild that occupies the castle earns a certain amount of Diamonds per day. Level 2 and 3 castles grant a portion of the server’s total transaction fee as a reward. 

PvP Tournaments – Starting on July 3, PvP tournaments will be held monthly and final matches will be held on the fourth week of the month. Players that are selected as a finalist will receive Diamonds as a reward, with the amount varying depending on their rank. 

Up to four players can form a party in regular stages and eight players can participate as a party in raid stages.

Play Kritika Global for free!



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